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Traffic Tickets can be career enders for Commercial Drivers. They are expensive and bothersome, at least, both in the short and long term for regular license holders. The Law Office of David R. Lee & Associates is here to stop the Government's, and the Insurance Companies', attempts to raid your wallets. Our clients are real human beings to us, who are far more than the mere walking wallets, begging to be 'harvested', which is how the Courts and insurance people see you. We do our very best to deny your money to both of them. We bring our years of courtroom experience, thorough knowledge of police technology and tactics, and detailed understanding of the law to your aid each time we go to Court.

We also offer the determined, capable defense of a wide range of criminal charges, as well as expunctions and "sealing of records".

What We Do for You:

WE fight.   We examine the citation closely for inconsistencies, errors or faulty assumptions.  We do the same thing for the Complaint.  We do the same thing in trial.  We investigate and challenge any weaknesses we discover in their evidence.  We try to expose faulty assumptions, poor training, their mythic invincibility.  Cops are people too, folks.  They may not think so though, and that helps us.  We know more about their radar/laser and how to use it than many of them do.  That's a shame, but true.

Capable Defense

Our traffic ticket defense Attorney is here to make every effort to keep your record clean, your job and driving privileges intact and your money in your wallet.  Putting up a stern, determined, persistent, capable defense is what you are paying us for.

At David R. Lee & Associates you get personalized, interested care from us, not the cold shoulder. We aren't going to tell you to take a deal you're not happy with. You hire us to try to win for you, by beating the other side, not to take whatever they are offering, with you much the worse for wear.

David R. Lee

Attorney at Law

Latest Questions and Answers

1How do you help Regular License Holders?

For regular license holders, we strive to keep your insurance rates low,  and to avoid points and possible surcharges.  Tickets are more than an inconvenience, they can affect your reputation at work, your pocketbook, even your ability to rent a car .  We must say though, while stiff resistance is best, you do have other recognized options besides trials or paying.

2How do you help CDL License Holders?

For CDL holders, even a single moving violation conviction for a might mean the end of their career as a commercial driver because of insurance concerns and resulting trucking company policies.  In other words, this can be a very big deal, and we treat it as such.  For you guys, there is no such thing as "just a traffic ticket."  Serious Offenses [Trans.Code Sec. 522.003(25) & 522.081] must be fought at all costs.  Two of these on your record less than 3 years apart results in a MANDATORY DISQUALIFICATION for at least 60 days.  There are no Driving Safety Courses or Deferred Disposition for CDL "moving violations".  However Equipment, over-weight and Administrative matters are a different story, owing to the work David R. Lee did for you at the Legislature.

3Do I have to show up to court?

Eventually, yes, you will. Not for the Arraignment date found on the ticket, but for Trial, yes you will. In this area, the only thing I can do for you, as a CDL holder without you being there, is plead you guilty. I am supremely confident that you DO NOT want me to do that. The good news is that ​trials are at least weeks away, and you can schedule your loads to make it a profitable trip. If you can't or won't go to court, no matter what, then please call another attorney who can plead your case for you​, and then stand by for what that decision will do to your driving career​.​

4Is this a winnable trial?

There is no such thing as an "un-winnable" trial (or as an "un-loseable" one either).  We know the law.  We have tried traffic and equipment violation cases, both regular tickets and CDL cases for many years.  We have at least one Thousand Jury Trials under our belt. I quit counting a long time ago.  We win, a lot.  That is an indisputable fact.   But do we win EVERY SINGLE CASE?  Of course not.  But if there is a way to make that happen we know it or will find it.  We can guarantee you a loss - of money, at least - if you  fail or refuse to contest the issue with the State.  Fighting them is what we excel at.  If you are hiring an attorney to absolutely, positively obtain a dismissal only, you are dreaming.  Making such a guarantee is not possible in the real world.  It may happen.  We are trying.  But we can't and won't guarantee that outcome.  If we can get "it" dismissed, we will.  But not all cases can be dismissed.  Sad but true. Making such a guarantee is an ethical violation.

5Can you help me if I've lost my driving privileges?

According to Law, there is no such thing as a CDL Occupational License. They are specifically outlawed. For 'regular' Class C, M, and CM license holders, we offer "occupational" or restricted license applications, if you have already been found guilty or have elected to plead guilty to a ticket that resulted in the loss of driving privileges, as well as representation on License Suspension or Disqualification Hearings if you have paid too many or been convicted of too many serious violations.

6How do you deal with CDL moving violations?

For CDL moving violations - according to law, at least - it is an on-off switch:  pay or go to trial.  Of those two choices, we much prefer trial.   There are courts that will - contrary to law - "Do Something".  If they wish to suggest such an action, we will listen and carry their "suggestion" to you.  It is up to you to accept or refuse it. They are the ones breaking the law by offering. In my un-vetted opinion, you are not breaking the law by taking them up on their proposal. Their coming to you makes it entrapment. That is one of several reasons why we NEVER ask any such thing of the Courts. If we lose, we will appeal, if you want us to keep fighting.  Appealing without a trial first is almost certainly malpractice, in our book.  Why would we want to reward the Court for being difficult by letting them off the trial "hook"? Why would you throw away a chance to find out what the State's witness(es) think they know? This info would be invaluable at any future trial on appeal. When your driving career depends on taking every opportunity to win, you do it.

7I have heard that some cases that we thought were dismissed or not guilty are showing up in the insurance companies files as convictions. How can that be?

Because some of the insurance companies are treating some of the tickets as convictions from the outset, just like the feds do, and are attempting to use them against you for five years, just like they would an actual conviction. How they come by that info is a long and ugly story, that we don't have space for, here. We are onto them, and are doing all we can to stop them from profiting by this clear and unquestionable violation of your right to due process of law. It's one thing to say an infraction may indicate a need for increased scrutiny. It is something else entirely to say that on the basis of a mere accusation, you now owe us more money for the next 5 years. It is unlikely to survive Judicial Review. We will see, if I have anything to say about it.

What we are NOT here to do is: Help the State take your money (and maybe job) and then claim that we helped you by keeping the fine low, like so many attorneys do. Which is better:  paying a low fine/special expense fee, or NOT PAYING AT ALL, and keeping your record clean?  "I rest my case."

David R. Lee & Associates

We are here to try to defeat the other side. 

Our initial aim is for outright dismissal.   We have made a living for years getting cases dismissed.  We will plea BARGAIN when there is that opportunity, and if you approve and are fully satisfied with it.   Most of the time, there is no other choice but to take your alleged failure to signal lane change, or stop sign case, railroad crossing case etc. etc., to TRIALAnd that suits us fineUnfortunately, many traffic practitioners RUN from trial.   The prosecutors, and (sadly some) courts know this, and try to profit from it.  Some attorneys will actually tell you that your only choice is to pay, when they are faced with the prospect of a trialCan you believe it?  What are they thinking? Don't fall for it!   David R. Lee & Associates are seeking a dismissal or getting ready to try your; speeding, changing lanes not in safety, disregarding traffic control device case, failing to yield (or change lanes) to an official emergency vehicle etc. etc. case, unless you tell us otherwise.

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